Four Most Beautiful Tropical Destinations and Vacation Spots

An ideal travel destination and vacation, at least for most people across the world, takes place in a locale with the tropical climate. Who doesn’t want to spend their vacation is a destination with warm weather year-round, spectacular natural scenery, and lavish resorts? Dreamy white sand beaches, endless sunshine, jaw-dropping scenery, crystal-clear waters, silky warm seas, and Turquoise Ocean are just some of the features of an ideal tropical vacation.

It’s important to note that each travel destination across the world features its own sultry charms which is why you must tailor your trip or vacation to suit your preferences or desires. Whether you’re one of those individuals who love exclusivity of a lavish resort in the private or have no problem spending time with the crowds at a tropical beach, you can always find a tropical destination that suits your desire. While some dazzle with cultural attractions, architectures, natural beauty, and exotic customs, others feature sleepy islands with a mix of mouthwatering cuisine, coral reefs, perfect waves, spectacular beaches, and wild-rich wilderness.

Cayman Islands, Caribbean

The first place to come to mind when thinking of tropical islands is the Caribbean. At least that’s what happens with most travelers. One of the top destinations you must include in your vacation list is the Caymans in the Caribbean. Cayman Islands feature a two-hundred-year-old Mastic Trail which allow travelers to explore nature through a mangrove swamp and tropical forest. If you love nature, this is a must site. The Cayman barrier reefs here are like no other. Other places to visit here include the Stingray City and the Seven Mile Beach.

Bora Bora Tahiti

Featuring clusters of coconut palms along beautiful beaches, this South Pacific paradise in French Polynesia is a top destination for anyone who wants to explore jaw-dropping natural beauty and some cultural appeal. Despite French being its official language, you can still have one of your best and most-memorable times here. Bora Bora is a dramatically beautiful island that allows travelers to take kayak trips to the tiny Motu Islands, enjoy some water sports including shark diving. Come here and have the ultimate tropical experience.  


The Maldives is known for its crystal-clear, soul warming blue waters and surreal beauty. The isolated island can be found across the Indian Ocean South of Sri Lanka. With 99 percent of the island comprising of water, this island features twenty six natural atolls where lush resorts and spectacular beaches fringed by crystal-clear waters await. Popular activities in the Maldives include swimming with the marine life, big-game fishing, snorkeling, surfing, and diving. The fact that water is the Island’s focal point means this is the perfect destination for a cruise vacation.

Kauai, Hawaii

Perhaps you’ve heard people refer to Kauai as the Garden Isle and wondered why. Well, Kauai is a destination like no other when it comes to natural beauty. It’s a tropical Eden featuring spectacular green coastal peaks, dramatic lava-sculpted landscapes, waterfalls, lush rainforests, natural cliffs, and a beautiful natural scenery. Unlike Oahu and Maui, Kauai seems to have a more laid-back vibe. When you go underwater be ready to explore beautiful coral reeds and swim along tropical fish and turtles. Don’t leave before basking on the golden beaches, admiring the cloud-capped natural scenery, exploring the jungly Waimea Canyon, and hiring the breathtaking Napali Coast. Always remember, nature reigns in Kauai.

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